Hello readers,

I figure before I begin posting irregularly on this website I give a formal introduction into who I am and why I’ve made a WordPress. My name is Raul Telbisz. I’m a software engineer based out of Chicago, Illinois with somewhere around 2 years (1 year with React) of professional programming experience under my belt. My goal with building out this WordPress is to serve as a form of digital documentation for myself and the things I’ve learned. Along the way of building a professional career I might need to revisit old topics/practices and I figure the best way to do something like that is by saving the content in a blog type format. I know none of this sounds absolutely exciting in the slightest but I hope that struggling through my early career can save me time in the future and in the process, I can maybe teach others a thing or too. I’ll eventually get around to posting tutorials for things I find useful and maybe in building out this website, I might learn about the whole ecosystem of SEO and maintaining an online presence too.

Having got that out of the way, I can talk a little bit about myself. I’m currently employed at a Fortune 5 company as a full-stack (fullstack, full stack?) developer creating single page applications using Spring Boot, React, and some other neat libraries/frameworks. I’ve learned a lot about React and full stack development as a whole and I intend to share whatever useful knowledge I come across in the near future on this website. Outside of programming, I enjoy doing human-like activities such as eating, drinking, breathing, standing, wal–. Really though I spend most of my time outside of work reading fiction, fishing, walking my dog, spending time with my significant other, playing video games and just whatever I find to do to pass the time that doesn’t necessarily involve telling my computer what to do. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed my most terrible feature by now, I also like to write. Short stories, technical articles, just any and everything doing with writing. Had a career in writing not been a free ticket to legally panhandle, I might have done it. But I guess I’m fortunate enough that I write user stories and lines of code instead. It is magnitudes more entertaining.

That being said, I think you’ve learned so much about me at this point that you’ve navigated from this tab at least a few times already so I’ll end this introduction post here. I’m sure we’ll both learn a lot more about each other and programming as time progresses. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come back in a year for the next post.